Value of Data

Business data is one of if not the most valuable asset to a business, data such as client records, proposals, invoices, contracts, presentations, emails are vital to the day to day running of any business. Loss of such data can disrupt business and destroy its business value and reputation.

If you lose data as a result of fire, theft, virus, mechanical failure, human error or for any reason then your business will be at serious risk.

Most businesses backup data using tape or external hard disk; but is procedure done daily? Who in the company is responsible for making sure it happens? Are backups conducted frequently enough? Are the backup tapes stored securely off-site? Will the restore actually work when it's needed? Are your backups monitored and tested for success rates?

All the above are can be time consuming and possibly considered not to important however when the time comes to actually restore you may find that the backup is void and important data is lost. All things you don’t need to worry about with our phoenix backup solution.
As a business there is certain data that you need to retain by law.
"You must safeguard your own or anyone else's data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorised disclosure" - Data Protection Act, 1998  
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