Data Security

We have talked about the importance of business data but you may have concerns about outsourcing the backup of this data to an external provider. We can answer these concerns to put your mind at ease.  Firstly we speacilise in backup solutions, for some service providers it

is just offered as an extra service. Your data is encrypted before being sent to our servers and cannot be read by anyone else, including the Phoenix Backup team.

Phoenix Backup take the security of your data and our systems very seriously, below you will see some of the steps we have taken to safeguard your data.

  1. Our servers are held in secure UK datacentres only.
  2. Are protected by a corporate grade firewall.
  3. Servers serve only one purpose - storage, this minimises the amount of ports that are open.
  4. Only authorised IP address have access to the firewall.
  5. Data is encrypted with military strength encryption - upto 448bit.

Phoenix Backup are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, this legally binds us to the Data Protection Act and the way we handle data.

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