Benefits of Online Backup
Online backup provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect critical business data. You may just have simple documents, presentations or emails to backup or you can backup up an entire exchange server or SQL database, whichever it is Phoenix Backup can help.
  • Automatic, secure and transparent hourly/daily/weekly backups.
  • Minimal downtime – fast restore of data.
  • Fixed price plans.
  • Reduction in costs – no equipment or staff costs for backup.
  • Multiple file versions stored allowing earlier work to be recovered.
  • Only changes are sent resulting in efficient and non-disruptive backups.
  • Off-site storage and data encryption for ultimate security of key business data.
  • 24x7 monitoring and support - we monitor backups to ensure succesful backups.

Traditional Backups

  • Often unreliable, requiring training and staff to run them manually
  • Complex and time consuming
  • They don’t backup in realtime, you may not have the most recent files
  • Expensive to purchase and maintain

Why online backup?

Online backup is automated, secure, scalable and cost effective, it gives you the greater freedom to create backup schedules to suit your business requirements. Online backup is cheaper and has greater reliability than tape backups.

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