How it Works

1. (PC, Laptop, Server) At this stage either your PC, Laptop, Server or Storage devices are backed up.  They are  encrypted and compressed in preparation to be transferred over the internet to the Phoenix backup servers.

2. (Firewall) The data is then sent to the servers via our corporate grade firewall.  This ensures only permitted users are allowed to have access to the backup service and keeps out any unwanted guests. 

3. (Phoenix backup server 1)  This is where your data is backed up and securely stored.  Our servers are kept in high security data centres in two different geographical locations to prevent loss of data in the unlikely event of terrorist threat, fire, flood or any other disaster.

4. (Phoenix backup server 2) To ensure we can provide a constant service we replicate the backup servers to each other so if a problem were ever to develop then either of the servers would have your data and this would ensure business continuity for both backing up and restoring.

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