Online Backup
Phoenix Backup is one of the leading online backup service providers in the UK, we offer unrivalled support on our products and work with your business to ensure you have the correct disaster recovery plans in place.  Many of our clients also take advantage of our consultancy service which not only saves money but also valuable time.  


Our online backup service encrypts your data before it leaves your server, the data stays encrypted when stored on our servers.  If you are required to perform a restore the data is copied back to your server and then decrypted, this ensures the highest level of security is maintained at all times.


Online backup provides a simple, automated yet secure method to protect your critical business data. With our online service you can store documents, spreadsheets, presentations or emails in your backup schedule or you can backup up an entire exchange server or SQL database. 
The software is very flexible, backups can either backup at folder level or you can select individual files. 
  • Automatic, secure and transparent hourly/daily/weekly backups.
  • Minimal downtime – fast restoration of data.
  • Fixed price plans.
  • Reduction in costs – no equipment or staff costs for backup.
  • Multiple file versions stored allowing earlier work to be recovered.
  • Only changes are sent resulting in efficient and non-disruptive backups.
  • Off-site storage and data encryption for ultimate security of key business data.
  • 24x7 monitoring and support - we monitor backups to ensure successful backups.

Our online backup service starts from as little as £9.99, to start your free trial today click on the link below.

Benefits of Online Backup
Online backup provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect critical business data. You may just have simple documents, presentations or emails to backup or you can backup up an entire exchange server or SQL database, whichever it is Phoenix Backup can help.
Value of Data

Business data is one of if not the most valuable asset to a business, data such as client records, proposals, invoices, contracts, presentations, emails are vital to the day to day running of any business. Loss of such data can disrupt business and destroy its business value and reputation.

Data Security

We have talked about the importance of business data but you may have concerns about outsourcing the backup of this data to an external provider. We can answer these concerns to put your mind at ease.  Firstly we speacilise in backup solutions, for some service providers it

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